Reader Feedback

Why do I keep writing this humor column week after week? In part because it’s my relentless effort to embarrass my wife and alienate my children. In part because I feel there is a need for someone to talk about the issues that suburban middle-aged men really care about – like how to avoid yard work as long as possible. But mostly for the feedback I receive from readers like you. Well, maybe not you. But like the other guy, to your right – no, your other right.

As a humor writer, God knows I don’t write for the money. I write for the positive feedback I get from readers, in a desperate last ditch attempt to heal the scars of an emotionally traumatic childhood (my parents refused to buy me a cell phone in 9th grade – in part because cell phones would not be invented for another 25 years). But I digress.

My point is, so long as you keep feeding my fragile, insecure ego with this kind of feedback, I’m going to keep writing.  Here is a small sampling of positive reader feedback I have received recently. I would have included samples of the hundreds of scathing rebukes, hate mail, and death threats I routinely receive but there just wasn’t enough space to include them. Sorry.

“Yours is one of my favorite blogs. I crack up out loud when every time I read it.” – Johnny L

“All of us are big fans, and this post is one of your very best. Thanks for keeping us laughing!” – Mark L

“I love reading your column, and that says a lot, because I simply don’t read such things. Yours is the only humor column I read. I just don’t have time, but it’s worth it taking the time for yours. “ – Bob K

“Thanks Tim – this is now my new favorite internet site!” – Rick M 

“Your blog needs to go NATIONAL!  Will you still write to us when you’re on David Letterman?” – Sandy P 

“You have an absolute gift for this business.  Honestly, Tim, you SHOULD be able to make a living at this…You’ve given “ad absurdum” a new definition… in a good way!” – Frank S

“ This piece is your best one yet, Tim.  Beautifully written.  Worthy of any major newspaper.  Andy Rooney should be reading it on Sunday night.” – Bill W

“I gotta tell ya… I *really* enjoy your blog every weekend. Truth be known, it’s the ONLY blog that I consistently read.  Keep it up!” – Richard K 

“I am thankful for this blog that makes me laugh till I cry, pee my pants, blow milk out my nose and just generally turn me into a mess.  Thanks Tim!”  – Lee T 

“Today was the first day I laughed really hard since dad died over a week ago. I hope you can take pride that you did that… I was laughing soooo hard I had tears coming out of my eyes and ALL my friends are getting this in their email. You’re too awesome.. it really made my day.” – Sarah P 

“Tim,  your humor writing has the quality of linguistic skill and genuine humor to be explosively successful. You are gifted literarily speaking.” – Lynn G

“You are one of the funniest people on this planet.  View from the Bleachers is a highlight in my week, and my email friends’ week too. Letterman, Rosie, Ellen, Regis and Kelly…………..I know one day I will be watching you on all these shows cracking people up.” – Jeanne W 

“Reading your stuff reminds me of when I first discovered, and loved, Dave Berry. It’s the same style, and the same kinds of quirky insights. Now if you could just get a better baseball team than the Mariners.” – Dale W

“This is the funniest post you have written. They just keep getting better and better.  I’ve read this week’s post several times and I’m still laughing so much it hurts.”  – Eleanor R