Muslims Report Stuff

At the second muslims-report-stuffpresidential debate, a Muslim member of the Town Hall audience asked Donald Trump what could be done to reduce the intense level of Islamophobia. Trump replied with what many Americans think is an outstanding solution to address these concerns and help Make America Safe Again: “We have to be sure that Muslims come in and report when they see something going on.”

What a brilliant idea. It appears Muslims by the thousands are embracing his advice – by taking to Twitter to report anything they witness in their Muslim community that seems suspicious. There’s even a Twitter hashtag they’ve created: #MuslimsReportStuff (honest!). Below are some tweets typical of what you’ll find there.

I, for one, can’t thank Donald Trump enough for his inspired idea to enlist Muslims in keeping America safe – from Muslims. They seem to be doing a fantastic job so far. Keep up the great work, everybody!

[Author’s disclaimer: The tweets posted below are all made up by me, Tim Jones, and do not represent actual tweets from actual Muslims. To see actual tweets, go to Twitter and search on #MuslimsReportStuff.]

















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  • Published On Oct. 17, 2016 by TEJ

    1. Suzanne Thees

      I totally appreciate this VFTB! I couldn’t believe the last debate. We weren’t going to watch it, because I wasn’t with you and a group of intelligent people, but then we heard the opening statements, and couldn’t stop watching! It was like watching a train wreck! We couldn’t look away!
      MORE ALARMING: There a more Trump campaign signs in our neighborhood every day!
      Are people insane?

    2. 10/18/16

      People in America I’m afraid for you. Tim, I love the twitter handles you made up.

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