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Women, help end discrimination against men. Get struck by lightning.

I am a staunch advocate of women’s rights to equal treatment and nearly equal pay. I’ve even watched Oprah and Ellen on occasion. (But please don’t tell my golfing buddies. They would never understand.) There is no denying that women have been victims of social injustices and hardships men have rarely had to endure. I’m talking, of course, about cellulite primarily.

The tables, however, have recently turned. I’m delighted to report that women have made amazing strides in the past 40 years – in the battle against cellulite. And even more than that. In fact, in the past ten years alone, for reasons unfathomable to me, two different women have received promotions I totally deserved simply because they were more qualified than I. Discrimination against men is real – and it’s everywhere.

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  • And let's not forget that women are rarely forced to endure the emasculating embarrassment of sexual dysfunction. Do they…
    Ely North
  • Published On Aug. 09, 2012 by TEJ
  • How to Make Sure Your Over-20 Child Continues to Live with You

    [This week’s column is written by veteran sitcom writer/producer Miriam Trogdon. I am privileged to turn over the reins to Miriam this week. – TEJ]

    I hear so many of my baby boomer friends complain that they never hear from their children.

    –       As soon as my son turned eighteen, he was out the door. I thought he might return for his belongings, but instead he got two jobs and bought everything new.

    –       My daughter graduated from college and stayed out east. She started working, got a loan for a car and asked to be taken off our phone plan.

    And the most common sad tale:

    –       I thought for sure my kid would at least need us for health insurance, but no. He made sure his new employer had a great plan and then he moved out for good.

    Sound familiar? Then you’re certainly not alone. Most boomers would give their eye teeth to have their semi-grown children living back in their homes, but alas, no matter how hard they try, they are unsuccessful. But not I. My husband and I are proud to reveal that our 24-year-old daughter moved back into our home after college and remains there four years later!  And I want to share some of the ways we make sure this ideal situation doesn’t change.

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    • Mirium!!!!! You're right, I made all the possible accomodations for my adult children (22 & 24) that you mention above…
      Micki Martini
  • Published On Aug. 02, 2012 by TEJ