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Vancouver Olympics – Have you no shame?

Vancouver Olympics mascot - thumbnailI live in Seattle, about 3 hours south of Vancouver, BC. I am married to a Canadian. I consider myself an honorary Canadian. I regularly root for the Canadian team  – except when it is competing against God’s team, which of course would be the USA (After all, the song goes “God Bless America”, not “God Bless Canada”). So it is all that more upsetting that I have to ask the Vancouver Olympics Organizing Committee, “Vancouver Games, have you no shame?”

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  • I was married in Canada, so I also have a soft spot in my heart for those citizens who lie…
    Melinda Nely
  • Published On Feb. 19, 2010 by TEJ
  • Let our corporations speak

    Supreme Court justicesGod bless America. On January 21st, the Supreme Court of the United States finally brought justice to a long oppressed minority: Citigroup – and the other Fortune 500 companies which have for too long been ignored in our Democracy. I for one could not be more proud to be an American than I am right now. Yes, in a stunning landmark ruling that overturned more than 100 years of misguided legal precedent, the Supreme Court courageously broke down one of the longest-running barriers that enslaved our corporations and barred them from one of the fundamental rights every other citizen has long enjoyed: The right to free speech.

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    • Tim, And isn't wonderful that the Supremes have finally extended the right to vote to China as well as all…
  • Published On Feb. 06, 2010 by TEJ