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Business Lesson #46: The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Office Parties

In this week’s business advice column, I thought it timely to discuss a few important aspects of management etiquette for your upcoming holiday office party.  Any day now you’ll likely receive an invitation to your company’s Holiday Office Party.  If not, don’t fret. This probably means you’re in line for the other invitation: to the meeting in the cafeteria starting in 20 minutes, letting you know you’ve been cordially invited not to return to work on Monday, so you can spend more time with your family, just in time for the holidays. My, how thoughtful. Let’s hope yours is the former invitation.

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  • I don't know, Tim, you got my thinking our Christmas parties are way too tame. Hey, by the way, if…
    Cynthia Clay
  • Published On Dec. 12, 2009 by TEJ
  • Don’t Let Five-Year Olds Vote


    Each week in this humor blog, I try to poke fun at some current event, a lame trend, or, when I can’t think of anything else, Glenn Beck. But I wanted to speak to you seriously this week, from the heart, about what I am for and what I am against. For too long I have straddled the fence on controversial issues in my life. When I was young, I could not decide whether I liked chocolate ice cream or vanilla better. Who to root for in football, Army or Navy?

    I continue to struggle to this day with taking a stand: Paper or plastic? 1% or fat free?  Warm or cold rinse cycle? Letterman or Leno? To this day I still have never registered Democrat or Republican. I have always been that person who can see everybody else’s point of view and does not want to take a stand for fear of offending anybody. (I hope that’s not offensive to say.)

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    • Clear crayon's, BRILLIANT
      Jeanne Whalen
  • Published On Dec. 05, 2009 by TEJ