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The Real Meaning of Christmas – Part 2: Decorations

Christmast tree ornaments

Last week I wrote about one aspect of the real meaning of the holiday season – the important annual tradition of sending out hundreds of unsigned holiday greeting cards with photos of your kids to hundreds of people you don’t really care if you ever see again along with a four-page newsletter detailing how your past year was far superior to the recipient’s.

This week’s heartfelt post is about another integral part of a truly spiritually fulfilling holiday season: Holiday decorations. This is the fun part of the holidays – starting with your annual climb into the creepy dust-covered cave known as your attic, in search of those Christmas or (insert your preferred alternative holiday here __________________) ornaments.

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  • Uuhhhhh...Tim...did you live at my house? Were you like "really quiet" or something growing up? Your descriptions so…
    Frank Snyder
  • Published On Nov. 28, 2009 by TEJ
  • The Real Meaning of Christmas – Part 1: Holiday Greeting Cards

    snow globe

    Let me be the first to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day. Why so early, you ask? When it comes to holiday preparations, you need to be thinking months ahead. This year, the Christmas season officially started on September 27th. That’s the day my local Costco put on display several lovely 8’ plastic Snowman snow globes. They always add such a festive touch to anyone’s front lawn, especially when deflated.

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    • This is my Christmas card.
      Vicky Jones
  • Published On Nov. 21, 2009 by TEJ
  • Dr. Tim, Help me! My daughter has a boyfriend

    teenageboy1This week, I dug deep into the Dr. Tim advice column mailbag and came up with the following very informative letter:

    Dear Dr. Tim:

    My 16-year old daughter now has a boyfriend. Should I kill myself?

    Signed, Terrified in Tacoma.

    Thank you for your very detailed and well-constructed letter, Terrified. Can I call you “Terri?Read More…

    • Meh. As a teenage guy who is just entering the dating scene (17) I haven't really been any good…
      Michael Lamer
  • Published On Nov. 13, 2009 by TEJ
  • Business Lesson #27: The Importance of Committees


    Having more than 25 years of management experience under my belt (only 7 of which were catastrophically misguided), I periodically like to share a few pearls of business wisdom.  Some might argue it’s more like scraps of cubic zirconia.  Nevertheless, I feel morally bound to help others grow in their business or move ahead in their career. Today’s lesson: The critical importance of committees as an engine of business.   Read More…

    • OMG - I was just invited to serve on an advisory board....I must be incredibly important. How gratifying after all…
      Raven McElman
  • Published On Nov. 07, 2009 by TEJ