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Great News: Wall Street is Back in Business!

rich bankers

Thank goodness that annoying “Recession” is behind us. I can hardly even see it in my sideview mirror. It’s been a little over a year since the floor dropped out of the economy. and institutions once considered too big to fail, like Lehman Brothers, did just that.

In the midst of the near collapse of our financial system, there was a lot of finger pointing.  Politicians and Economists argued lax oversight and inadequate regulations of many financial instruments (like sub-prime mortgages and Credit Default Swaps) were to blame.  Read More…

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  • Published On Oct. 31, 2009 by TEJ
  • The Myth About Global Warming

    stranded polar bear

    What is all this fuss about global warming? Oooh, look at the lonely polar bear swimming in open Arctic waters so far from land. How will it eat? Isn’t that soooo sad. That heart-breaking polar bear was undoubtedly filmed in a back lot at Universal Studios. Two minutes later they probably fed him a nice Caribou and a baby narwhal for dessert.

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  • Published On Oct. 17, 2009 by TEJ
  • And the winner is….. Obama????

    Obama the Messiah

    This just in, “And the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize goes to….. Barack Hussein Obama?” Huh?

    I know, it sounds like an episode of Punked. An Internet prank, right? After all, he has been our president for less than nine months. The Nobel Award Committee actually closed the nominations in early February, roughly three weeks after Obama’s inauguration. Obama beat out 171 other individuals and 33 organizations – including a dude from Ethiopia, who freed 2,000 slaves from the Sudan, carried them on his back, one at a time 300 miles through the 120 degree Saharan Desert heat and then fed them cookies – Oatmeal cookies, I believe. How did that guy not win? Read More…

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  • Published On Oct. 11, 2009 by TEJ
  • History Improved through technology: Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” Tweet

    twitter bird - main

    I was tweeting the other day – you know, on Twitter…. What, you are not familiar with Twitter? How about Facebook? No? Does “the Internet” ring a bell? Okay, in case you’re still living in that cave in Northern Afghanistan (or are my elderly mother) and you’re still not familiar with Twitter, it’s this web site where you can tell the world what you’re doing – so long as you can do it in 140 characters or less.  But, and this is key, your message must be of interest to absolutely NOBODY but yourself.

    It is such an incredible improvement over previous ways of communicating online. Instead of having to pound out long, detailed emails, now you can post easy-to-skim “tweets” as Twitter posts are called.  Oh sure, some people say that most tweets are just a complete narcissistic waste of time. But I could not disagree more. Heck, just this morning, I learned the following very timely and helpful information at my Twitter home page from some fascinating people, a couple of whom I think I might have actually heard of:

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